The New North Melbourne MUSEUM OF MODERN ART


Midday to 8pm each day.

Here is the the article on the exhibition that was featured on the front page, and page 11, of the North Melbourne newspaper, before the exhibition was postponed twice because of covid.

2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne, 3051

The Stables space, Meat Market.

MICHAEL NICHOLSON ~ Oil and acrylic art and film and animation installation This is my most recent film.

AMI TAIB ~ Ceramicist and sculptor

GARY BATEMAN ~ Oil and acrylic landscape artist

MELISSA NICHOLSON ~ Art and photography

WAYNE BATEMAN ~ Photography

(It should be noted that the Stables are 3 very large, well aired, rooms, and the film installation room is large with chairs well spread out, not like seating at a cinema.)

The New North Melbourne ….

Michael Nicholson is the prime mover behind this exhibition, ‘The New North Melbourne MUSEUM OF MODERN ART’, and has had a few exhibitions over the years, but is primarily a film maker and is pleased to present a retrospective of his favorite films as a video installation along with recent paintings.

Ami Taib says that Ceramic Rituals produces a range of contemporary home wares aimed at the conscious consumer. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, and developed using Japanese technique we approach ceramics with a focus on detail, form and design. All products are handmade and are wheel thrown at our local Melbourne Studio located in Brunswick.

Gary Bateman is especially inspired by natural landscapes such as the wilderness coasts of Mallacoota and New Zealand. He enjoys using both acrylic and oil paints and occassionaly adding textural elements and his works have been exhibited in the Mallacoota Gallery.

Melissa Nicholson has just graduated from The University High School and has started a degree in Screen and Media at Collarts. She spends all her spare time creating art, ranging from paintings to iPad and photography, and has also done 12 years of Ballet, tap and jazz dancing.

Wayne Bateman’s photographic journey began with a Kodak Starmite 2 camera in the early 1960’s. By 1992 his ‘Sites of the Imagination’, contemporary photographers view of Melbourne and its people, was staged at the NGV and two images were purchased by them. In 2009 all of Wayne’s negatives and prints were destroyed in the Black Saturday bushfire.


Midday to 8 pm each day.

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This is quite a large exhibition with nearly 100 works including art, films, photographs and ceramics and sculpture in very large, well aired, rooms.